Admission process

You may have visited the site, attended an Open Day, or received our answers to your questions.

You are now wanting to apply to the school:

Complete the relevant application form and provide the attachments as specified.

To qualify for the Exchange Program, students must be enrolled, and have completed at least a year, in a liberal arts program or the equivalent with a major or specialization in film, television, new media or other audio-visual related industries. 
The admission committee will evaluate your application and let you know of their decision within 3 weeks at most.
Once admitted, you will receive a registration package which you will return to the school.
Your admission is complete when the registration form is handed over to the school along with the first instalment. 



Start organising for your housing as early as you can. It is easier to find accommodation in May or June when students finishing their studies begin to move out of their accommodation, than it is in September.

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