EICAR International Department's Graduation & Awards Ceremony 2016

Cinematheque2016 home - audio visual school

This week was a major turning point for EICAR International Department’s students who presented their films both at the Cinémathèque française and the Cercle Rouge screenings.

Students from Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts and One Year Filmmaking programs gathered for their Graduation Ceremony and the annual competition of the best student short film produced in 2016, at the Cinémathèque française.

EICAR Int Dpt Ceremony 2016 Small - audio visual school


Presided by director and screenwritter Danièle THOMPSON and included the renowned film professionals Michel ABRAMOWICZ, Boris BERGMAN, Jacques DORFMANN, Sean HOSEIN, Janine LANGLOIS-GLANDIER, Philippe LE GUAY, Mathilda MAY and Serge SIRITZKY, the jury awarded the following prizes:

  • The Albert R. Broccoli Award for Best Student Film – endowed with €1,000 – was awarded to John Paul SWAMINATHAN (MFA1 2015-16) for his film Alive
  • Best Cinematography was awarded to Finn James DUVAL (BFA3 2015-16) for the film Peregrination directed by Sunny Prashant CHAURASIA (MFA1 2015-16)
  • Best Editing was awarded to Cédric Hongquan GAN (BFA3 2015-16) for the film An Ordinary Story directed by Jing LI (BFA3 2015-16)
  • Best Sound was awarded to Danny GUTTRIDGE, Bruno GRÉGOIRE (Designer Sonore 2016) and Nicolas MOREL (Designer Sonore 2016) for the film Alive by John Paul SWAMINATHAN (MFA1 2015-16)
  • Best Art Direction was awarded to Marijose SAPIÑA (BFA2 2015-16) for the film Ave María directed by María Claudia BLANCO (BFA3 2015-16)
  • Special Mention to Michel MARTÍNEZ (MFA2 2015-16) for his film Perra Muerte
  • Special Mention to Thanh INGLE-LAI for her role in An Ordinary Story directed by Jing LI (BFA3 2015-16)

 EICAR AwardCeremony2016 awards laureates - audio visual school


To the outstanding students who have embodied the spirit of EICAR and the cornerstones of our curriculum teamwork, professionalism an creativity, the International Department’s Faculty members awarded the Outstanding Achievement Awards to María Claudia BLANCO (BFA3 2015-16) and Julio MÁRMOL CORBACHO (BFA3 2015-16) – both endowed with a 500€ reward.

EICAR Outstanding Crew Members Award2016 - audio visual school


- Audrey BICHE-CAIS (BFA1 2015-16)
- Clara GRUNWALD (BFA1 2015-16)
- Jimena HUESCA ESTRADA (BFA1 2015-16)
- Jose RODRÍGUEZ (BFA 1 2015-16)
- Giovanni BUSNACH (BFA2 2015-16)
- Victoria GANDON (BFA2 2015-16)
- Valentine THOMASSET (BFA2 2015-16)
- Marijose SAPIÑA (BFA2 2015-16)
- Ataman KIZILIRMAK (BFA3 2015-16)
- Cédric Hongquan GAN (BFA3 2015-16)
- Giedre VALEISAITE (BFA3 2015-16)
- Sara Violetta MUÑOZ VICTORSDOTTIR (MFA1 2015-16)
- Federico TROISI (MFA1 2015-16)
- Ziqi WANG (MFA1 2015-16)
- Michel MARTÍNEZ (MFA2 2015-16)

The Graduation Ceremony was a memorable moment for all graduated students, who played the game and posed for a group photo in front of a screen adorned with flags from their respective countries! It was also an exciting moment where students, friends and families shared their impressions on students' films while enjoying the traditional luncheon cocktail.

 EICAR Graduates2016 - audio visual school

Two days later, EICAR students attended to the Off-Competition Screening at TSF - Cercle Rouge and voted their choice of best films out of 30 films 2015-16 not seen at the Cinémathèque.

  • Students’ Choice for Best Film – 1st Prize: Anniversary directed by Louis RAMBALDI (BFA3 2014-15)
  • Students’ Choice for Best Film – 2nd Prize: En famille directed by Solène DEVEAUX (BFA3 2015-16)
  • Students’ Choice for Best Film – 3rd Prize: Scales of Guilt directed by Federico TROISI (MFA1 2015-16)
  • Students’ Choice for Best Making-of: Lancelot directed by Tobias FORSÉN (OYFP 2015-16)

Congratulations to the winners and all who participated in the 2016 EICAR competition!