EICAR alumnus presents her new dance performance in Paris!

Dana Mussa presents "Racines" (photo credits : Yann Gouhier)

After studying at EICAR – The International Film & Television School Paris, Dana Mussa continues her career as director and professional dancer. Her new performance Racines (Roots) will be on stage, on January 2017 for 4 exceptional representations

Dana Mussa graduated in 2012 from EICAR Master of Fine Art program. In 2013, she created her own Dance Company Ethno Ballet Paris and has been presenting her solo performance on Femmes Sacrées (Sacred Women) and 6 other choreographies.

Born in Kazakhstan, Dana Mussa has been willing to promote her native country throughout her dance performances but also in many film projects she has integrated in her dance performances.

Racines Dana Mussa Affiche - audio visual school

On January 2017, she will be on stage to present her new show Racines (Roots), in which she questions people’s identity and rooting throughout the body and the dance. Performing with her dance partners Typhanie Jousset, Sarah Pizarro et Marie Charpentier, Dana Mussa shows women such as “sacred individual who has been carrying the code of her own roots for centuries: they have the power to indefinitely put down roots in a new place…”

Discover Dana Mussa’s new performance Racines January 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th at 9.30 pm at the Theater Laurette in Paris, France.

Information and booking on the Theater Laurette’s website.



Photo credits: Yann Gouhier Photography