Using state-of-the-art equipment

is an essential part of the learning process at EICAR. Through experience we have devised a syllabus which endeavors to strike the right balance between essential theoretical learning and the mastering of "hands on" skills.

While creativity is at the heart of all production, today more than ever the familiarity and command of complex digital equipment is an essential component of modern day filmmaking.

It is therefore the school’s policy to keep abreast of new technology while still maintaining traditional S16mm and 35mm instruction. The challenges of the industry must be understood by students capable of rapidly adjusting to change. The school’s privileged partnership with the industry is a valuable source of information aiding the future choices of film and TV equipment at the school.

The school’s investment policy focuses on the latest digital technology and new media including web, podcast, VOD, mobile devices.

theschoolequipmentcinematography 0 - audio visual school

The school offers a space of 4,000 m2
for audiovisual production


  • 10 multi-function training rooms
    • primarily user for theoretical courses
    • equipped with audiovisual equipment
  • 6 large inhouse studios for practical exercises
    • from 30 to 120m2
    • multi-camera video control room
    • with blue and green screen backgrounds
  • Several specialized studios
    • 58 HD editing stations and RED editing stations
    • 30 audio workstations
    • Over 80 workstations: AVID and Final Cut Pro
    • TV studio set
    • Sound studio
    • Sound booth
    • Surround 5.1 mixing studios
    • News room
    • Production classroom
    • Actors' studios
    • Rehearsal space
    • 4 Surround sound 5.1 studios with HD Protools
    • 7 studios for editing and mixing in stereo
    • Computer room with 18 iMac with Protools 10, Logic Pro X, GRM Tools allowing MAO, Sound design, Sound synthesis
    • Live sound rehearsal room
  • Screening rooms equipped with Surround sound 5.1 and Blu-Ray

theschoolequipment - audio visual school

State-of-the art equipment:

  • Digital cameras: RED EPIC DRAGON, Blackmagic URSA 4K, SONY PMW-F5, PXW-FS7, CANON 5D, Panasonic models ranging from HMC 41 to the AF 101
  • Celluloid cameras: S16mm and 35mm
  • Sound: NEUMAN, SENNHEISER, AKG, AUDIO TECHNICA microphones, SOUND DEVICE sound mixing equipment, SOUND DEVICE, KORG recorders, ZOOM H4, H6 for ambiance recording,
  • Lighting: HMI, Tungstène, fluo and LED projectors
  • Post-production / special effects: Final Cut Pro, Avid, Da Vinci Resolve, Adobe, Protools, Live, Logic Pro, Reaktor, Max/MSP