The Screenwriting Major
within the Master of Fine Arts curriculum

is a highly personalized two-year program designed for students who have either a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema or Fine Arts or who have had professional experience in the film or audio-visual media industry. The program is also open to all students having successfully completed a BFA or MFA degree in other disciplines but have a serious interest in pursing a career in the cinema, television and audiovisual industries.
This program is designed to give the student a thorough understanding of the aesthetic and technical aspects of filmmaking, with a second year of specialization in Screenwriting where concentration is placed toward the student’s thesis project.


The International Department’s MFA is an intensive two-year program concentrating on single camera fiction filmmaking with supplementary workshops and thesis options in the field of documentary.
Although we encourage specialization in later year of the MFA degree programs, we believe that students must have a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of the filmmaking process.

First year: The fundamentals of visual storytelling through fiction filmmaking

The student will distinguish and develop for their fiction cinema project, the techniques implied in each of the following specializations: screenwriting, directing, cinematography, producing and editing.

This first year gives the students the opportunity to discover and experience a wide array of filmmaking disciplines before they choose and commit to the Screenwriting major.

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Second year: specializing toward the thesis project

Students complete the cycle with a second year of specialization where concentration is placed on the thesis project, a feature-length theatrical screenplay based on the treatment developed the previous year.
Additionally, the students have Screenwriting workshops, and one-to-one tutoring a professional screenwriter.

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Target careers

The Master of Fine Arts with a major in Screenwriting aims to give students professional preparation for a career as a Screenwriter in film, television and digital media.
EICAR graduate screenwriters are more than prepared for the rigors of the professional world and work as a screenwriter in a multitude of audio-visual related occupations including Story Editor, Feature Film Screenwriting, Documentary Researcher, and Dialogist for film and television.

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