Fast Track

fasttrack 1 - film academy



  • English language Hands-On-Film program in the cinema capital of the world
  • Complete “learning by doing” curriculum in the fundamentals of filmmaking
  • Extensive one-on-one tutoring with film professionals
  • Faculty and tutors – A-list film professionals
  • Screenings, workshops & seminars in partnership with la Cinémathèque Française (French National Film Museum)
  • Students successfully completing the program have the opportunity to enter the Bachelor program (or Master program if they qualify) with 60 credits



Fast Track is a one year introductory program in the fundamentals of filmmaking

Studentsare introduced to the fundamentals – directing, production, cinematography, screenwriting or editing – of the art and craft of film production in a predominately hands-on-film curriculum with complimentary theoretical and film culture classes.

  • In addition to the workshops and one-on-one tutoring, Fast Track students can choose up to 60 credits of courses from the EICAR English language BFA film curriculum.  The program also includes 4 months of “on the set” student film production where Fast Track students have the opportunity to work in the various posts of cinema production along with students from the Bachelor and Master programs.
  • The program serves as a powerful springboard for students looking to begin their film education.

fasttrack 2 - film academy