The Directing Major
within the Bachelor of Fine Arts curriculum

is designed to provide a broad introduction to the elements of filmmaking, completing the cycle with a third year of specialization in Directing where concentration is placed toward the student’s end-of-year film.


The International Department’s Bachelors program is designed to give the student a thorough understanding of the aesthetic and technical aspects of filmmaking enabling the student to find employment in the various occupations of audio-visual industries including film, television and new media.

First year: Introducing the fundamentals of visual storytelling through documentary filmmaking

The filmmaking component begins with a concentration on storytelling for the documentary to develop the student’s visual vocabulary through theoretical courses and practical exercises.

Second year: Perfecting fiction techniques through the addition of screenwriting as form

The student will distinguish and develop for their fiction cinema project, the techniques implied in each of the following specializations: directing, screenwriting, cinematography, producing and editing.
This second year gives the students the opportunity to discover and experience a wide spectrum of filmmaking disciplines before they choose and commit to the Directing major.

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Third year: specializing toward the end-of-year film

Students complete the cycle with a third year of specialization where concentration is placed on the end-of-year film that is oriented toward the Directing major.

All directing majors must prepare, execute and post produce a 10 minute short film as their final exam and third term project. The material used may be an original script, an adaptation or an awarded script written by a fellow student. All original scripts must be developed in the screenwriting courses and approved by the Green-lighting Committee composed of faculty members and film professionals. In addition, the student must work on a minimum of three other student productions in other positions.

The students’ participation in student film exercises and productions other than their own, their ability to work as part of a team, and the quality of their contribution to each project are equally important factors in the final evaluation their overall performance in the BFA program.

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Target careers

The Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Directing aims to give students professional preparation for a career as a Director in film, television and digital media.
EICAR graduate directors are more than prepared for the rigors of the professional world and work as film and television Director, 1st Assistant Director, 2nd Assistant Director, 3rd Assistant director, TVC 1st Assistant Director, Music Video Director, Advertising/Commercials Director.


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