In the Year Abroad program, students are integrated into the second year of EICAR’s three year hands-on program - directing, production, cinematography, screenwriting or editing. During the second term, students have additional required courses in their major as well as workshops, and one-to-one tutoring.

The ten month program (October - 30th July) includes the following classes:

Æsthetics of light 3
Directing actors 3
Scriptwriting 4,5
Camera lightning 4,5
Editing 3
Contemporary cinema 3
Non-fictional Film-making 3
Production 3
Production Design 2
Tutoring 1
Workshops 6
Productions 24


exchange7XL - audio visual school

The student can choose up to 4 several intense week-long Practical Workshops:

  • Assistant Directing,
  • Screenwriting A to Z,
  • Short Film Production,
  • Producing Commercials,
  • Esthetics of Sound (Sound Design),
  • Creating from Character (creenwriting for television series),
  • Mastering DaVinci (software),
  • Final Cut Pro 10,
  • Location Managing,
  • Steadycam Operating,
  • How to Cast your Film.
Because of the evolving nature of film and new media technology, EICAR, to meet to the needs of the audio-visual industry, reserves the right to modify its curriculum.