About the courses

Bachelor of Fine Arts is an intense 3 year program

designed to give students professional preparation for a career in film, television or digital media.
Students have the opportunity to master the technical and aesthetic principles of filmmaking through theoretical courses and practical exercises. The BFA program also includes an extensive "hands-on-film" work ethic.


The International Department’s BFA program is about training in filmmaking as an overall discipline. Students should come out having multiple skills to be competitive and polyvalent filmmakers.
Although we encourage specialization in the final year of the BFA degree programs, we believe that students must have a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of the filmmaking process.

First year: Introducing the fundamentals of visual storytelling through documentary filmmaking

The filmmaking component begins with a concentration on storytelling for the documentary to develop the student’s visual vocabulary through theoretical courses and practical exercises.

  • Directing: Documentary, the craft of Narrative Storytelling, Elemental Coverage, Staging, the basics of Cutting in Continuity, Shot List and Storyboarding
  • Production: Running a set, basic Production Management and AD skills
  • Cinematography: basic Framing and Lighting Principals; training on CANON 5D, Panasonic AF101, HPX 250, P2 HPX 500, P2 HVX 200, HMC 151, HMC 41
  • Editing: Narrative Editing skills, mastering Final Cut Pro X software

In each of these core courses, students are given weekly exercises to explore specific areas of the craft. The Cinematography and Directing classes are the most intensive with four hour practical sessions with set objectives every week.

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Second year: Perfecting fiction techniques through the addition of screenwriting as form

Students will distinguish and develop the techniques implied in screenwriting and directing for their fiction cinema project as well as further develop their knowledge of editing, producing and cinematography.

  • Directing: advanced Staging, Director’s skill at Communicating and Interpretation of the Script
  • Directing Actors: Casting Fundamentals and Rehearsing Techniques
  • Screenwriting: Dramaturgy in format, Focus on Scripts in group and individual tutoring
  • Production: being polyvalent on a Film Set, Financing and Distribution
  • Cinematography: Color Temperature, Interior/Exterior Lighting, Basic Grip and Electric; training on 35mm with fixed focal length, Super 16 mm with lenses, cameras Canon XF105
  • Editing: Dialogue Editing, Sound Integration, sophisticated Postproduction Techniques
  • Production Design: Art Direction and Production Design: its impact on Director.

Additionally, students have the opportunity attend to a series of specialized intense workshops covering a wide array of film, television and media subjects including such varied topics as Aesthetics of Sound in the Cinema, Lighting for Mood,Preparing the Film Canvas, Painting with Light, DaVinci ResolveThe Large Sensor (R)evolution, How to Make a Tease, Writing for the Screen, Adobe Premiere, AVID, etc. 

Third year: Specializing toward the third term project

Students complete the cycle with a third year of specialization where concentration is placed toward the third term project that is oriented toward one of the five majors:

  • Directing
    Prep for end-of-year film and private tutoring
  • Screenwriting
    Dramaturgy for the Feature Script
  • Producing
    Film Finance, Distribution
  • Editing
    Advanced Creative Editing and post production techniques.
    Workshops on Adobe Premiere and AVID; writing for the edit
  • Cinematography
    Advanced Lighting, Composition and Camera technologies.
    RED EPIC DRAGON, caméra SONY PMW-F5 et PMW-FS7, URSA 4, 35 mm and S16 mm, ARRI ALEXA

During third and final year the students prepare their third term project / end-of-year film through a series of specialized workshops, one-on-one tutoring and a program of independent study.
The 3rd Term (May through July) is dedicated exclusively to the production of student’s project.

Focus on Master Class Lecture Series

The Master Class Lecture Series is a weekly program where guest speakers, internationally renowned film, television and media professionals, all celebrated in their specific fields, give a two-hour lecture on the subject of their expertise with subjects ranging from the role of the talent agent to how to work with a film composer.

Recent speakers have been such notables as:

Award-winning cinematographer Agnès Godard
Screenwriter Vincent PoymiroIndie Producer Sophie Bramly
Italian award-winning television director Giacomo Battiato;
Actress Charlotte RamplingNovelist Douglas Kennedy;
father of the documentary, Director Richard Leacock;
Indiana Jones Screenwriters Gloria Katz and Willard Hyuck;
European Film Academy Award-winning Editor, Hervé Schneid...