Studying in Paris

Paris is well known as an historical centre of the filmmaking industry 

  • From its beginnings over a 100 years ago when the first motion pictures captured the beauty of the city, through to the "Nouvelle Vague" films of 50 years ago, Paris has continuously played centre stage in bringing innovation and expertise to the cultural, technical and, economical aspects of the filmmaking industry and remains today an uncontested leader.
  • But Paris is not only one of the leading film capitals of the world; it is also the largest production house in Europe.

On the cultural side Paris is home to the world’s first Cinémathèque 

  • EICAR’s partnership with La Cinémathèque Française allows EICAR students in our International Department programs free access to all Cinémathèque programs and use of the Cinémathèque’s library (BiFi), Videothèque, print archives and research facilities. With their Cinémathèque membership card, our students can go to all Cinémathèque screenings, participate in workshops and attend seminars.
    >> La Cinémathèque Française
  • Several repertory film houses showing the world’s movie classics. The city boasts numerous independent theatres where students, at discount prices, can view over 300 classic movies a week.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the cultural opportunities offered by this astonishing city.