As is the case in many large cities, student accomodation in Paris is scarce and may be expensive. Nevertheless, students from all countries manage to find the accomodation which suits their needs and budgets. However, it is highly advisable for candidates to prepare their arrival well in advance and to dedicate sufficient time for looking for their ideal accomodation. 

Note that the French Administration contributes to students’ lodging costs. The program "Aide au logement étudiant" is available through a public agency called “Caisse d’Allocations Familiales”.

Students may apply for a subsidy once they have signed a lease.


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>> The school has a partnership with different chains of student residences.
Most of them are close to the school and offer special packages for our students.

>> EICAR also recommends a selection of students residences in Paris which are close to the school.

For further information concerning your housing, please contact the school.
Mrs. Laurence Vasseur
E-mail: laurence.vasseur@eicar.fr 
Phone: 00 33 (0)1 49 98 11 24


The following hints will prove usefull: 


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