The Screenwriting Program
consists of additional related modules

within the EICAR Fine Arts in Cinema curriculum.


screenwriting 1 - audio visual school


  • The Filmmaking program emphasis is twofold:
    • Cross-disciplinary courses that give the students the knowledge and understanding of all the aspects of visual storytelling enabling them to direct and communicate with their collaborators and to fully express their ideas on film or video.
    • Hands-on-film teaching where the students “learn by doing” in a collaborative environment. This lets the student develop his own “creative voice” through teamwork. The students have the opportunity to work in most film and digital formats including 16mm, 35mm and HD, including the latest Red and Panasonic HD cameras.
  • The Screenwriting major is specifically designed to give students professional preparation for a career as a film or audiovisual writer. This is accomplished through theoretical courses and practical exercises as well as extensive “learn-by-doing” work where students will have not only the opportunity to write screenplays, but see their screenplays produced on screen within the context of EICAR film and HD productions. The screenwriting modules consist of small, workshop-style classes where the student will study the principles, techniques, practices and theories of visual narrative construction to help develop storytelling skills.
    The program’s final year consists of writing a feature-length theatrical screenplay based on the treatment developed the previous year.

EICAR offers two degrees 

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts is a 3 year program which provides a broad introduction to the fundamental elements of filmmaking with the possibility to major in Screenwriting.
    >> Bachelor with a major in Screenwriting
  • Master of Fine Arts is a highly personalized 2 year program designed for students who have either a Bachelor’s degree in cinema or Fine Arts or who have had extensive professional experience.

    The first year consists of intermediary and advanced courses in the key disciplines of filmmaking (directing, cinematography, screenwriting, production and editing) as well as hands-on-film exercises and shorts. In the third term of the first year, the student has the possibility to specialize in Screenwriting.

    In the second year the emphasis is on the student’s third term project accompanied by workshops, and one-to-one tutoring. Students also have the opportunity to work on all EICAR productions in their area of specialization and, when available, to work on professional productions, as interns.
    >> Master with a major in Screenwriting


Additionally, EICAR offers One year Filmmaking program


a non-degree curriculum which is a comprehensive program in the fundamentals of filmmaking.  The program serves as a powerful springboard for students looking to begin their film education by testing the waters. Several Screenwriting modules are available to FOne year Filmmaking programk students.
>> One year Filmmaking program



screenwriting 2 - audio visual school