Students attending the International Film and Television School of Paris qualify for one or more of the following diplomas.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) - Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

  • BFA and MFA degrees are granted by the European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools (EABHES), an independent organization which has validated the majority of the school’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Granting of a degree is subject to students achieving at least 180 ECTS credits for a BFA, and 120 for a MFA and are also competent in two languages. The ECTS (European Credits Transfer System) credit system was created by the European Union with the objective of facilitating the comparison of course modules within different academic institutions. It is one of the key methods used by the "Bologna summit" which promotes student exchange within the European Union.
  • ECTS credits may be acquired by passing the final exam in recognized course modules, by passing language tests (e.g.: TOEIC), or by completing internships. 

Exchange programs

  • The school accepts ECTS credits or the equivalent, obtained from Universities with which collaboration has been established.
  • Conversely the school will deliver credits to exchange students from these Partner Institutions as long as the applicant has passed the relevant exams.

visuel diplomas - audio visual school

EICAR diplomas

  • The school delivers professionally recognized diplomas under the label "EICAR–The International Film and Television School - Paris" to students who have passed the set of exams required for the completion of their course.
  • Students who have attended a course which does not require a final examination will receive a certificate stipulating the title of the course and the hours attended. This applies to most summer courses and workshops.

French Ministry of Education diploma

  • The BTS Diploma is an undergraduate degree delivered by the French Ministry of Education to students who have successfully met the standards required at the examination in one of the following areas: "Film administration and production", "Cinematography", "Sound design" and "Editing".

Industry certification

The school provides intensive workshops in order to teach students the skills necessary to use recent software.

  • This can be associated with manufacturers such as Apple.
  • The school may be mandated by the manufacturer to deliver a certificate under its trademark, certifying that the student has mastered the technical skills required.