We develop a result-orientated mindset

This is measured by a combination of technical and written exams students have to sit, including, film shoots and professional assignments.

  • Degrees and Diplomas:
    Students may qualify for a BFA or MFA degree (EABHES) or for the French BTS diploma or for the School's diplomas.
  • International Festivals:
    In 2010, 25 student films have been selected into 26 different festivals worldwide: Japan, USA, South America, Russia, USA, as well as most European Countries. Some of them have been selected several times (55 selections in total).
    >> News, Festivals
  • Internships and careers:
    The school encourages students to gain practical working experience in the Industry during their studies. This is facilitated because EICAR is located in the heart of one of the major TV and Film production sites in Europe which gives the student the opportunity to see the Industry at work. >> Location
    France is a major actor in the Filmmaking industry worldwide. >> Studying in Paris

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We collaborate with academic partners

such as UCLA Extension, Manipal University, St Petersburg University of Film and Television, State University of New York-Oswego , University of Winchester.