What type of programs do you offer,
what are their duration?

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The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program is 2 years, the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is 3 years; the One Year Filmmaking program is... 1 year; Summer Workshops can be one to four weeks.

Do I need to know French in order to study at your school?

No. Our BFA, MFA, One Year Filmmaking programs and our summer courses are taught in English. The school nevertheless provides French classes to help you to immerge into French culture.

When does the academic year start?

Orientation Day is usually scheduled in the first days of October.

How does the credit system work?

  • BFA: you earn 180 ECTS credits which is comparable to 120 US credits.
MFA: you earn 120 ECTS credits which is comparable to 80 US credits.
  • One Year Filmmaking program : you earn 60 ECTS credits which is comparable to 40 US credits




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