When is the best period to begin searching for housing for the coming school year?

It is easier to find housing between May and July, when final-year students liberate theirs. We thus advise students to send their application forms as soon as possible.

In which part of Paris is it best to look?

The school has partnerships with student residences which have accommodations nearby. The 18th, 19th, and 20th "arrondissements" of Paris are close to the school.

it is advisable to live in the city. Paris is a vibrant city and for a cinema film student it is the perfect place. So, take a little bit of time to explore the city and find out where you feel most at home.

What kind of housings is available?

Our students live in student flats, some live alone in apartments they have found themselves, and some share flats. In short, there are all kinds of housing possibilities.

What financial benefits can I expect as a student at EICAR?

As a student at EICAR - The International Film & Television School, Paris - you are entitled to the "CAF" which is a governmental subsidy towards your rent. The amount is a percentage based on the rent you pay : www.caf.fr (French language site).
You will also be registered with French Health insurance system, if aged below 28.
It is also worth noting that as a student at EICAR - The International Film & Television School, Paris - you will enjoy student status which entitles you to various discounts for cinemas, theatres, concerts, restaurants, amusement parks, bookstores, and others.